DEBSY’s BEE-LOG #1: 🐝 📝

Woke feeling groggy as hell after sleeping away yesterday’s midday migraine and then NOT being able to sleep last night. Went into the Washroom and connected with the Amazing H20 Shower-port and teleported to a MUCH Higher dimension!!! Gone groggies!! Hello Magic!!! 💫

As my brain was in gear creating new data reports for my WFH company, ideas began streaming with lightning ⚡️speed into my brain. Creative Content to warp speed to an even Higher dimension. I felt sad I did not have Time to devote to Creating such Magic💫 Content.

Took a WFH break midday and turned around to discover 5 of my CO-Warriors Cats winning battles in my Astral Travel Device. I smiled knowing they are doing a Fantastic job and I look forward to a Kick-Ass journey tonight!!! 😴🌈🪐

Then I spotted that cute lil CO-Warrior Ellie… outside guarding my WFH station. And yeah 🤦‍♀️ the Loyal Rover-Seer giving his Magic Balls a good cleaning 🧼 🐕 and a 7th CO-Warrior keeping him company 😻

I exited my WFH station to wash dishes and while connecting to the Amazing H2O water element, an idea sprung 💦 forth on how to solve Everything!!! 💫

I have just completed my WFH day and am Ready to get started on that Creative Content to Solve Everything!!! Except… Readiness is not Everything. I am Now completely clueless on what on Earth it was 🤔 🌎?


I must start BEE-LOGGING 🐝📝 as the Magic happens instead of trying to recap all Magic Flying at Me in ONE End-Of-Day BEE-LOG.


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