The Little Children

The Little Children and The Boogie Man

Once upon a time, in a land not very far from here, there lived a Little boy and a Little girl. They lived in a Little house and shared one Little room for a bedroom. The Little girl and the Little boy loved each other very, very much. They spent lots of time playing and talking with each other every day. At bedtime, they would lay in the dark and share some of their deepest talks just before falling asleep.

On one particular night, the Little boy told the Little girl about something he heard that day. “I don’t want to scare you, but I heard about a bad man today. He is called the Boogie Man and we are supposed to watch out for him because he wants to get us.”

The Little girl was curious and said to the Little boy, “Why does he want to get us?”

Not knowing the answer but feeling protective, the Little boy replied, “I’m not sure, but we should just stay away and not find out.”

“Well… what does he look like so we know to stay away if we see him?” asked the Little girl.

“That’s a good question. I’m not sure” said the Little boy. He explained that his friend looked right past him in the jungle gym tunnel and screamed “Watch out! The Boogie Man is going to get you!” but when he turned around there was nobody there.

“Oh” said the Little girl sadly.

The Little boy felt badly that the Little girl felt sadly. He wished he hadn’t told the Little girl about the Boogie Man. He did not know what to say to make her feel better, so he said nothing at all. He lay awake in his bed pondering the Little girl’s questions wishing to know the answers himself.

The Little girl also lay awake in her bed and her mind began to create images of what the Boogie Man might look like. Suddenly, she saw a large shadowy figure looming over her. She screamed in fright to the Little boy “I’m scared! Can I please come sleep in your bed?”

The Little boy was suddenly grateful there was something he could do to make the Little girl felt better. He lifted his covers and motioned for the Little girl to come over. He was secretly relieved she had distracted him from his own thoughts about the Boogie Man.

The two Little Children then wandered off to sleep together feeling safe and secure they had each other’s comfort. As the night wore on, each of the Little Children began to dream about the Boogie Man.

The Little boy saw himself alone in his bed and the Little girl was asleep in her own bed. Suddenly, he saw the Boogie Man standing at the end of his bed in the dark shadows. The Little boy stiffened in fear. He thought if he didn’t breathe the Boogie Man wouldn’t know he was there and would not get him. So he lay very still and breathed slow deep breaths hoping he could be as invisible to the Boogie Man as the Boogie Man had been to him.

The Little boy’s plan seemed to work. The Boogie Man began to walk away from his bed but then started to walk towards the Little girl’s bed. The Little boy began to panic because the Little girl did not know the Boogie Man was in the room and he could hear her breathing heavy in a deep sleep.

He watched the Boogie Man getting closer and closer to the Little girl and it looked like he had something in his hands. The Little boy wondered if the Boogie Man was going to put boogies inside the Little girl and make her sick. The Little boy did not want anything to happen to her and began to cry silently. A boogie began to drip out of his nose as he cried.

Then the Boogie Man turned around and smiled at the Little boy. He seemed to know there was a boogie on the Little boy’s face. The Little boy felt dread that perhaps he had already been poisoned by the Boogie man’s germs. The Little boy let out a whimper and suddenly he awoke to find nobody in the room but the Little girl sleeping peacefully in his bed with him.

The Little girl was in her own dream about the Boogie Man. She saw herself all alone in the room laying in her own bed. The Boogie Man came and visited her but she did not scream. She was determined to find out more about him. She sat up in her bed and looked at him wavering and staring at her silently.

He seemed to be made of light green, translucent gooey boogies. She wondered if people did not see him because she could see through him. She suddenly felt bad for the Boogie Man that he was alone and invisible and she had the Little boy with her all the time. She wondered if the Boogie Man acted badly because it made him feel badly to look like that.

Then the Boogie Man started to reach towards her face. The thought suddenly occurred to the Little girl that the Boogie Man must need boogies to eat so he can survive. The Little girl said very bravely to the Boogie Man “I don’t have any Boogies for you. I am a healthy Little girl.” Suddenly the Boogie Man vanished and the Little girl woke up to find the Little boy sitting up awake in bed next to her.

The Little Children then shared their dreams about the Boogie Man. The Little girl told that the Boogie Man was lonely and needed boogies to help him survive. Then the Little boy said the Boogie Man wanted to spread boogies to make people sick. They were surprised to find the Boogie Man was different in each of their dreams. Neither of the Little Children were sure what the true story was behind the Boogie Man. So for now… It remained a mystery.

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