Love Letters to Lois By Art

Love Letters to Lois by Art: Letter #5

Introductions by Debra

This is a true, first-hand account of the innermost thoughts of Art to his beloved Lois, written while serving our country as a United States Marine during World War II. My name is Debra and I am sharing the gifts of Art’s Love Letters. Art was my grandfather and Lois was my grandmother. It was 1944 and they were 21 years old when the letters began.

To recap this Love Story thus far, Art and Lois met each other by chance. She was serving food to people at a church and he was a hungry, young marine who went into the church to be fed. They exchanged addresses. There were 3 letters by Art to Lois and then they spent 3 lovely days together. Art was given orders the very next day to report to California. He comforts himself with Lois’s picture in his journey across the country.

The Letter Transcript

Wednesday, April 26, 1944

Dearest Lois,

Today I am the happiest guy on earth. Received three oh so wonderful letters from my little honey. If you only knew how much I looked forward to your letters and then to get three, well I was just sailing. The fellows that are bunking with me are all strange but no kidding they all came around and asked why the big smile. First time I guess they have seen me smile since I came out here. So I explained and told them all about you being one girl in a million and showed them your picture. I guess you know they sure did approve. Yours truly felt like a king being way above everybody as we talked about you.

Well now to answer your letters, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Hope some more come like that or is that too much to hope for?

No Darling I cannot read shorthand but am guessing as to what it said. It says “Do you love me?” and the answer I certainly know. Love you with all my heart. Gosh, Lois, it sure made my ticker beat faster to read you love me. It has been everything I’ve looked forward to leaving Norfolk. Now all I’m going to look forward to is putting a ring on one of those pretty little fingers of yours. When I see you again, the first thing I’ll do is kiss you, oh happy day, then I’m going to ask you to become engaged and after I put the ring on I’m going to ask you to marry me. Maybe these are all dreams but Darling if they are hope I wake up to find them true. You know they do say dreams come true.

Wish I could have been there that Tuesday night, Honey, the house all to our selves, what a time we could have had. Wishful thinking again.

You know, Lois, I don’t understand why your Aunt objects to you that way but if that is the way things are the best thing you can do is stay away. Besides you’ve shown me your capable of running things just perfect.

That closing part of the second letter was really sweet. Kisses were no longer rationed. I don’t go for that rationing stuff. Reminded me of Sunday night when they finally had to be rationed so I’d be able to catch the bus. Funny how that six o’clock bus didn’t leave until eleven. Honey, do me a favor, in your next letter leave the imprint of your lips. Be like having part of you here.

Lois, that is really wonderful of you not going out on invitations. Believe me, Honey, I don’t want to deprive you of any good time so will leave it entirely up to you. As long as you keep loving me that is all that matters.

When you write again let me know about everything, what you did, what your thinking, the home and all. Every little thing you write about I simply eat up.

As for a picture of me goes, well it will be a few days yet as I sent home for one. Had some taken at home while on furlough. As soon as I get one will send it right away, ok?

Yup, am sure studying hard these days. Really shouldn’t be writing you tonight but heck how can I prevent it. Simply couldn’t open a book until I wrote you. Last night had a hundred questions to answer. Tonight only have about fifty to answer. Really put in a full day, from seven till ten at night. Reveille is at five, chow is at six, and school at seven. Those exercises from four till five are really fixing me up good. Am sore in about every muscle in my body. Appetite is really good though and should be a new man at the end of five weeks. Let’s see, only four more to go after Friday. Saturday began my first week.

Am able to get by, Lois, still have five from the money the government gave me for food. According to the latest “Head” rumor we should be paid soon. There is another example why I think your one in a million. Thinking about how I’m getting along, just like having a wife (wish that were true!). No, Honey, as soon as I’m paid will send that money back. Gee, Honey, I’d do anything you say but that. I want to be giving you things not vice versa. Thanks anyway, Lois, but just am funny that way. Please don’t take me wrong as I’m thinking of you when I say that.

Darling must close now but will write real soon again. Hope tomorrow night. Am thinking of you always – in fact my instructor yelled at me to get that love light out of your eyes and get down to work. Night Darling.

All My Love,

P.S. Regards to the girls.

Questions, Conclusions and Commentary

Question 1 From Last Week: What is the North American plant where civilians are instructing our military men?

I researched this plant and found the North American Aviation plant was a privately owned manufacturer of planes in Inglewood California, exactly where Art’s letters were from. Lockheed Martin and Boeing were also located in the same area.

In researching this plant, I happened across a very enlightening story on the Warfare History Network. You can read it yourself if you are so inclined here: ‘Wonderland’: The Fake Cities on American’s West Coast. It gives a whole new meaning of the Wonderland story. Long and short, these aviation manufacturing plants were designed to look like cities by enemy planes from above. In fact, it was top secret town and people were not supposed discuss the fact it was fake. Tens of thousands of people went to work in bogus villages every day assuming they were serving to protect their lives. In fact, there were never any enemy planes that flew over US territory except for Honolulu.

In it’s day, it was the most dramatic exploration in camouflage of all times including painted grass, fake houses, schools and a church. The movie industry capitalized due to their close proximity and talent pool of set designers. All the major Hollywood studios were brought into the effort to collaborate with our government and the military industrial complex.

Question 2 From Last Week: What is a B-25? Sounds like a plane to me. I have confirmed that a B-25 is an airplane. Here is a picture of the North American Aviation plant assembly line which I found at the Library of Congress (

Question 3 From Last Week: What are doggies and swabbies and why are they referred to as that? Also, why is it “about even” at a ratio of 10 doggies, 5 swabbies, and 1 marine?

Doggies are members of the Army. The Reader’s Digest of one WWII GI was quoted as saying “The Army treats you like a dog. You have to wear dog tags, sleep in a pup tent, eat dog food-and they yell at you when you growl.” Members of the Navy are known as a swabby which is a slang term for seaman. I still don’t understand how the ratio of 10 Army men, 5 Navy men and 1 Marine is even. Maybe Art was being sarcastic? He was known to do that.

A New Question: Why Were Kisses Being Rationed? Why did they need to ration and give out kisses to get the bus to finally leave? Kisses??? I have read and re-read the sentence again and again. It says kisses and then he asks her to please put her lips on her next letter.

Closing Conclusions:

I am both in awe of the magic of Love and gut-wrenchingly disgusted in the story that has been narrated by Government for far too long. I am a labeling this the Trifecta Turning Point in U.S. History when our Government, the Military Industrial Complex and Hollywood began collaborating using its own citizens (unbeknownst to them) for its purposes by narrating a story of Fear and a need for Protection all wrapped up as legalized slavery to build planes. I also have to wonder if both my grandparents were not “in the know” about what was going on. After all, he is talking about “Head” rumors and she is wondering if he knows how to read short-hand which looks like hieroglyphic code.

Here we are in 2020, with mass amounts of citizens being used in a story of Fear between BLM and COVID. Again, we are being told all of this is “for our protection” including destroying our protective forces. Everyone wonders what is Truth and what is fake.

My Vision is that Dark times are dying. The Light of Love and Truth WILL prevail and Win. Let’s consider Art’s letter today. Love is a powerful force, particularly when it is True Love.

  • Art’s love is energy. When Art was feeling Love for Lois in his heart, his fellow bunkers flocked around him. They needed to know what this magical energy that had Art smiling like a king in heaven above was all about.
  • Art’s love is strong. He has only met Lois a short month ago and already desires to marry her. He genuinely feels she is one in a million and doesn’t want to let the opportunity go.
  • Art’s love is free. He does not wish Lois to miss out on invitations to go out with others. The only thing that matters to him is that she keep loving him. That is enough.
  • Art’s love is visible in his eyes. His instructor yells at him to “get that love light out of your eyes and get down to work.” I know exactly what that love light looks like. When my grandfather looked at me with Love, I felt deeply seen and approved of. Loved.

Love is enough. Love is what matters. Love will win. That is my Dream. Dreams do come True. All it takes is to write, speak and visualize them. Shoot for the moon… Always!!!

Let us all look directly into each others eyes and feel Love until next week.

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