Walking to Where I AM

July 11, 2021 Mindful walking…Conscious… deliberate… slow… steps.Even just from here to there…Equals peace and serenity…Rocket fuel to the present moment…Yet not a rocket flying feeling at all…More like a feather…Dropping slowly… gently… softly…A returning home to One-Self. Here are some of the things I Witness When Mindful Walking.

Bringing Love and Lettuce

July 7, 2021 Yesterday, a dear friend suggested I bring “Love and Joy” to my creative writing process. Today, I found myself bringing “Love and Lettuce” to the Food Pantry at the Germantown Neighborhood Center. Joy, however, was a missing element in my trip. Instead, I walked away sobbing. I sobbed for the mouths I… Continue reading Bringing Love and Lettuce

Reaching Beyond My Comfort Zone

Tonight I attended the City of Quincy’s annual Chamber of Commerce meeting. It was essentially an opportunity for local business owners and political people to network and to honor individuals and local businesses that have contributed to innovation and economic success for our city. I am not a business owner. I am not a politician.… Continue reading Reaching Beyond My Comfort Zone

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Visions of a New Earth

March 26, 2021 They are all children in the New Earth. Wise. Compassionate. Cooperative. Ever-expanding in Expressive, Bountiful, Beautiful, Joyous, Playful, Loving Hearts. Everything Looks and Feels Magical. Just like current earth, the scene reflects the internal tempo of the Earth’s inhabitants, and the new earth is Beaming with the Joy and Love that radiates… Continue reading Visions of a New Earth


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