Love Letters to Lois By Art

Love Letters to Lois by Art: Letter #24

Introductions by Debra

This is a true, first-hand account of the innermost thoughts of Art to his beloved Lois, written while serving our country as a United States Marine during World War II. My name is Debra and I am sharing the gifts of Art’s Love Letters. Art was my grandfather and Lois was my grandmother. It was 1944 and they were 21 years old when the letters began.

The Letter Transcript

Monday, June 26, 1944

My Dearest Lois,

Two letters from you today and one of them contained what I’ve been waiting for. The pictures were really perfect. My little Honey, came out wonderful and I’m really tickled to death. Going to send some of them home tonight to show the Folks. They’ll be in love with you I know. They keep asking about those pictures we took. Naturally I’ll get them back as I don’t care to part with anyone of them. Thanks, Honey, you sure are a wonderful girl. Lucky guy that I am being engaged to you!

Darling, am enclosing my sister’s letter, what do you think of it? You know it would be awfully nice if you dropped the Folks a letter. My folks would be happy over it I know.

So you went to a fortune teller. Quite interesting even though it is so much baloney. We are going to get married next spring, huh? That is something we are going to talk over this weekend, I hope. Okay, honey? Hope that little package does come as it contains fifteen dollars (equivalent to $233.15 today, September 2021). The pin isn’t much but I’d like to see you get that money back!

Too bad about Alice leaving but will still live with you girls when she comes back, right?

Hmmm, sounds like my “Little One” is getting mighty P.O.’d at the office. Doesn’t sound like my Lois, but then everybody runs into some kind of trouble now and then. We have a lot of that too in the service Honey, but deal with it different.

Think I’ll wait to ask you some more questions Lois. Will find out tomorrow if I come or not for sure. No need to worry about censors, Darling, as there is no such thing in the States. That is only overseas.

I know I haven’t answered many questions Dear, but will answer them tomorrow. Have quite a bit of ironing to do tonight and must be presentable to my little women.

Oh yes, will call this Thursday and let you know for sure. No more surprises, huh?

Bye for now, Honey. I love you more and more every day. Be seeing you in my dreams.

With All My Love,

Questions, Conclusions and Commentary

Enclosed in this letter was a comic strip clipping from a newspaper. Art took the time to put the names of his family members next to different characters in the comic strip, including the dog. I know his sister is Irmy and his brother is Bob. I’m not sure who Frank and Nancy are but I am sure my mother must know.

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Love Letters to Lois By Art

Love Letters to Lois by Art: Letter #23

Introductions by Debra

This is a true, first-hand account of the innermost thoughts of Art to his beloved Lois, written while serving our country as a United States Marine during World War II. My name is Debra and I am sharing the gifts of Art’s Love Letters. Art was my grandfather and Lois was my grandmother. It was 1944 and they were 21 years old when the letters began.

The Letter Transcript

Sunday, June 25, 1944


Am not going to write much tonight as it is hard without one of yours to go by.

Did the same as I did yesterday, was at the beach all day. We did take pictures though, and will send you some that is if you like.

Oh yes, Dear, I did have two beers last night. Was with the fellows and besides I sure was thirsty. Been plenty warm around here the past couple of days. You don’t mind do you? You said it was ok, met over two beers and they were the first this week.

Should be a couple of letters from you tomorrow. Can hardly wait for the morning to come. Hope the pictures are included!

Not much of a letter is it, Lois. Oh well, I’ll make up for it tomorrow, okay? Please don’t get angry, if you do get mad take it out on the post office. Bye Honey.

With All My Love,

Questions, Conclusions and Commentary

I’ll be honest. I was disappointed with this letter. I had expected to hear in today’s letter a story of how Art had earned himself an angel halo. He stated in the prior letter that he would tell Lois about it in the next letter. There was no such story in today’s letter. Instead there was the confession that he drank beers. However, it appears Lois must have had a change of heart on that since he states she said it would be okay. Perhaps she came to reason that perhaps she was expecting too much for Art to never drink at all and decided that all things in moderation may be okay. Regardless, I felt disappointment on behalf of Lois. Art knows how Lois feels about his drinking and he had promised her he wouldn’t drink. I tried to understand why Art would have broken that promise. I think that Art may be suffering from what is known as “Survivor’s Guilt”. After all, he was only one of 2 marines to survive a deadly battle and now D-Day has just happened and his brother was sent over seas into the thick of it. He clearly was wrestling with how unfair that seemed in the last letter.

Today was my grandmother’s birthday. I decided it was time to pick up this story again for her. This was only ONE letter and there are many more to read. Perhaps the story of Art’s angel wings will come in time.

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Spencer the Squirrel

Spencer the Squirrel: Sharing Some Squirrel-ness

July 14, 2021
Spencer the Squirrel

Hello there,

Pleasure to make your acquaintance! My name is Spencer. Debra gave me that name. I live in a tree in her backyard. The tree is so very kind to open herself up and provide shelter for my family. Did you know that it makes trees happy when animals live inside of them? Trees are nurturers.

Come along with me and I will show you about me and the nice home I have for my family!

Here we are! I make this trip up the tree many times a day. You can actually see the tunnel of my home bulging out from the side of the tree on my right. We’ve dug all the way down into the tree. The entrance to our home is that hole up there at the top where I’m headed!

Some people have been trying to convince Debra she should take the tree down. They say it is not safe if its hollow inside. While I understand they have Debra’s safety in mind, I know the strength of this tree. My instincts will tell me when it is time to vacate and now is not that time. This tree is FULL of life despite the fact it holds space for my family inside.

I see Debra looking at the tree when it is windy and stormy. She sees how strong the tree is and that its limbs barely sway in the breeze. I am really grateful Debra listens to her own intuition and not the people who mean her well. My family would surely hate to lose our home! Debra feels the same way. She is worried about her house because climate change is eroding her property.

One night, Debra prayed to the trees around her house. There are three of them. Two in the back and one in the front. She was very upset and crying in her bed. She reached out to the trees with her heart and mind and communicated to them. She asked them if they could please help support her house. She envisioned the 3 trees and their strong roots getting stronger and thicker. She saw them in her mind meeting up with each other underneath her home and intertwining.

Debra has LOTS of faith in her prayers!!! The trees heard her. The one I live in told me so. I bet you didn’t know that we animals and trees can communicate with each other. Science is starting to explore this. If you’d like you can read more about that in the link below.

Acoustic communication in plant–animal interactions – ScienceDirect

Some day it would be nice if you humans could communicate with nature too. After all, we are one big happy family of creation co-existing on this beautiful planet!!! It makes us all so sad in the nature kingdom to know we can all hear each other… and you, but you are all so busy and blocked to hear the sounds of nature. It’s magical!!!

Did you know we love our family members just like you do? Yes… we do. Debra has had the pleasure of witnessing me in action. You see… we know when we are going to have a really hard rain that might flood our home. I, Spencer, come to the rescue when that happens!!!

I get busy gathering leaves to fill the entrance of our home. I make dozens of trips up and down the tree mouthful by mouthful blocking up the hole. I use my nose and push the leaves way down and pack them very tight! You would be surprised how strong and durable this furry little nose is! My head looks like a jackhammer slamming concrete! I become Super Squirrel!!!

Don’t I look fantastic! I was so happy to pose for Debra. I felt so good inside when I was done building that blockage! I spent a LOT of work on that. I did it because I LOVE my family.

Then I felt Debra’s sadness. She wondered what I was going to do. She realized there was no way I could be inside with my family during the rain storm. It was up to me board up the hole and then find a safe place to ride out the storm!

Here is where I spent my time. I was there for hours. I nestled up to another tree on a very small branch. I needed to keep a lookout from someplace way up high so I could see the tree where my family lives. I knew they were in good hands in the beloved tree that keeps us warm and safe in its limbs. I actually took a nap!

Riding Out the Storm Alone

Some day I hope to be able to communicate with Debra and reassure her she does not need to be sad for us squirrels. We are doing just fine. It is we who are concerned for humanity. I know Debra is working on that. I hear her thoughts when she sits under the tree where we live. We are all rooting for her! Even the tree!

Sleeping Spencer

Mindfulness, Nature

Walking to Where I AM

July 11, 2021

Mindful walking…
Conscious… deliberate… slow… steps.
Even just from here to there…
Equals peace and serenity…
Rocket fuel to the present moment…
Yet not a rocket flying feeling at all…
More like a feather…
Dropping slowly… gently… softly…
A returning home to One-Self.

Here are some of the things I Witness When Mindful Walking.


Bringing Love and Lettuce

July 7, 2021

Yesterday, a dear friend suggested I bring “Love and Joy” to my creative writing process. Today, I found myself bringing “Love and Lettuce” to the Food Pantry at the Germantown Neighborhood Center. Joy, however, was a missing element in my trip. Instead, I walked away sobbing.

  • I sobbed for the mouths I could not feed.
  • I sobbed for the communication barrier between myself and the Asian community.
  • I sobbed for the woman who looked broken hearted when I told her she was taking too much.
  • I sobbed for the old man in the wheelchair who said he’d been there in line since 10 last night.

What prompted me to bring the Love and Lettuce was an experience I had in June. I was walking my dog at Snug Harbor School. There was a very old Asian couple picking leaves off a tree. I had recently downloaded Plant Identification ++ app and was intrigued why they chose this tree. After much communication difficulty, I learned the leaves were edible and used in soups. My heart felt full of awe and admiration for their knowledge and resourcefulness to feed themselves. At the same time, my stomach felt sickened by the reality they did this to meet their BASIC human needs. Eating. I vowed then I would try to provide food from my garden come harvest time.

The lettuce in my garden is now growing beyond what I can consume. I’ve given it to neighbors and friends. I’ve attempted several times to talk to the old Asian people I run into on my walks at the school. I try to ask them if they want lettuce. I try to invite them to come with me to my house and give it to them fresh. They don’t understand me. They end up shooing me away in frustration. I walk away feeling so sad because I know they would be happy to follow me if they could only understand what I was saying. So I decided I would attempt to reach them through the Food Pantry, which is only open on certain days. Today was that day.

I wasn’t sure the Center would just let me bring my hand-picked lettuce. Rather than pick it and have it go to waste, I decided to walk up and find out first. I got there around 8:30 a.m. and found people standing in line. I asked what time they opened and a nice man in a wheel chair told me 9:30. I was flabbergasted they were already in line. He told me he had been there since 10 pm last evening. With a pained look across my face, the only thing I could utter was… “WHY?” His answer was “It’s better to be there all night and be one of the first in line than to show up in the morning and wait in line for hours.” Given that today was a scorcher and there was no shade for the people, I understood him fully. I was extremely uncomfortable after a 5 minute walk in the hot soupy air. Not to mention, I am sure the pickings get slimmer the longer you wait in line.

I asked him if he thought I could donate fresh lettuce from my garden if I picked it. He assured me even if the Center wouldn’t take it that the people in line would. I thanked him for all of his information, gave him a Loving touch on the shoulder, and said “I will be right back”. I walked home crying for this nice guy who waits out all night long for FOOD.

I got the biggest tray I could find and picked as much lettuce as I could possibly fit on it. I then hand-washed and carefully placed each leaf with Love on the platter. Presentation is Everything they say! I say it is about the intention put forth behind the presentation… The Love.

I grabbed a box of Ziploc baggies so people could have something to put their lettuce leaves in and headed back to the school, all the while balancing my big tray of lettuce on top of a baby carriage. It was a feat but I was determined to bring Love and Lettuce to the people.

The line had gotten much, much longer when I returned. I realized there was no way I had enough baggies for everyone and there was no way the lettuce was enough to go around. That pained me.

I was trying to handle both the tray of lettuce and the baby but was struggling to do so. An old Asian woman attempted to help me with the tray. I decided right there and then she needed to be someone who should get first dibs on the lettuce. Rather than bring the tray into the Center, I had her place the tray down on a concrete landing step. I handed her a baggy and motioned for her to take some lettuce. I looked around at the other Asian women nearby and motioned for them to take some as well.

The woman grabbed a section that was a significant portion of the tray. I looked at her and said “too much” and motioned for her to look around at all of the other people. She did not understand me and withdrew completely thinking I was telling her she couldn’t have any at all. She looked so sad. I then reassured her I wanted her to have it and took the baggie and showed how much was appropriate to put into it and handed it to her.

The other Asian women watching us uttered sounds of understanding and their eyes lit up. They reached for baggies and took one appropriate bunch of lettuce I looked out at the others in line and motioned them to come get a baggie. I saw eyes squinting in the uncomfortable heat looking back at me with realization it would be gone by the time they reached me. They were right. It was all gone within seconds. I felt devastated. I did what I could. I should feel good inside for what I could do but somehow it was overshadowed by the pain I felt inside at what I witnessed.

I brought Love and Lettuce. Joy was lacking, but I did find Gratitude. I am grateful I finally bridged a communication gap and was able to feed people who I could tell were very appreciative for it as I KNEW they would be. I couldn’t feed them all, but maybe the lettuce got to those who needed it most. Tonight, I am Content with that thought.

I am going to KEEP bringing Love. Perhaps Joy will follow.

Introverts, Life

Reaching Beyond My Comfort Zone

Photo by Min An on

Tonight I attended the City of Quincy’s annual Chamber of Commerce meeting. It was essentially an opportunity for local business owners and political people to network and to honor individuals and local businesses that have contributed to innovation and economic success for our city. I am not a business owner. I am not a politician. Currently, I do not even have a job. Networking is not even my thing. In fact, social situations are extremely awkward for me. I was COMPLETELY outside my comfort zone but I was there because I am in a place of yearning. I yearn to take what is left of my seemingly insignificant life and use it in a significant way. I am reaching out and networking because I desire to learn from those who have done it or are doing it.

As an introvert, it feels like there is a billboard across my forehead that reveals me as socially inept. I was extremely grateful for the woman named Denise who made immediate introductions and shared that she too was just networking. She gave me useful information she has learned in her experiences thus far and recommended an organization for me. Already I felt a sense of promise. I reached beyond my comfort zone and answers were being provided.

I chose to sit at the table where Denise was sitting. A young girl named Anna sat down next to me. She was easy to talk to and shared she does marketing and fundraising for the Quincy Community Action Program (QCAP). I knew what QCAP was because I enjoyed the benefits of QCAP when my children were very small. A friendly woman named Rebecca from QCAP would come to my home once a week and bring either a new book or toy to help provide early education to lower income families. What a significant thing it would be to support or align with QCAP as a resource for my visionary ideas for the children of our city. Although I still have no formal plan, marketing and fundraising will be a need and I now have a friendly face to reach out to when I do.

After two positive interactions, I felt courageous enough to get up from the table and start walking the room. My plan was to make my way around the entire outskirt and hopefully it would be time to sit down and hear the speakers and awards by the time I made it back to the table. I became conscious of that invisible billboard but pushed through and thought… “I’m going to talk to the first person I see alone because they may feel like me”. I came across this older gentlemen who reminded me of Burl Ives. I could feel a cheerful depth in his character. He shared he does video productions. Well no wonder. Creativity brings joy. He captures it. Another skillset needed for my creative visions. My heart was happy!!! Gifts of resources I could potentially collaborate with and I am ALL about collaboration!

I continued to make my way around the room. There were several people I saw from across the way who I intuitively knew I wanted to connect with. One was an older wise-looking woman who seemed familiar to me. There was another older man with reddish brown hair who also looked familiar. Then there was another a gentleman I saw on Quincy Coffee Talk the week before who was aligned with my visions and goals. Lastly, there was the man whose great easy-going smile I captured from the annual Quincy Flag Day Parade. I wanted to know the man behind the smile!

The most awkward part of this networking experience was every person asking me what business I was from and I would have to reply “I am not a business owner.”, which would inevitably be followed by the question of “Oh, what company do you work for?”, which zapped me in my gut to have to reply “I’m unemployed”, but I would follow that up with forced enthusiasm initially and begin explaining I am exploring becoming a small business. When I began to talk of my ideas for the children, my true enthusiasm would come to the surface. I could tell I was making connections with people’s synapses. Even still, I would leave each person recognizes the degrading reality that I am unemployed and had nothing to offer anyone who attempted to network with me.

The first person I could connect with from those I had scoped out was the older wise-looking woman. She listened to me and I could see in her eyes she had a vision of something… a use. She worked for the Milton Times. She told me to call her and we will have a conversation. Photo journalism and writing is an absolute my dream job of mine. The very fact this woman works for a local newspaper outfit was just another absolute miracle of a connection to be making and she is willing to talk with me!

All of the other individuals were tied up in conversations and I found myself back at the table. I refused to sit down. I went for round 2 around the room. I found a warm looking African American woman standing all by herself. She listened to me talk about my visionary creative ideas for the children and making use of the Performing Arts Center that is to be built in our City. She reminded me with good sense these are hard goals. I acknowledged that but reminded her “Miracles do Happen!!!” She said very warmly back with a loving smile “Yes, they do”. Later, when the mayor talked with pride about developing the Performing Arts Center, the woman locked eyes with me, gave me a huge smile, a big thumbs up and a wink as if to say… “You got this girl!!!” I felt HOPE!!!

I was then able to connect with the man with the smile. He was swarmed with people and all I got to do was introduce myself as the photographer of the photo and accept his business card. Somehow I have all the business cards that were given to me except his so he still remains a mystery man for me. One day, at the right time, I imagine we will make a connection again.

Then I briefly was able to connect with the man, Ian Cain, from the Quincy Coffee Talk program. He was earning an award for his contributions to innovation and entrepreneurship. I shared how much he inspired me listening to him and was able to give him a short summary of my goals. He was interested in hearing more but the speakers were about to begin. I plan to definitely connect with him at a later date and it will not be awkward for me because we have already made introductions.

As we were waiting for the room to settle down, the last man I wanted to connect with who had reddish-brown hair sat at my table. I knew I would chat with him when the presentation was over and I did. He was in real estate. I had promised a friend I would see if there were any real estate connections and here was one. Yet another gift!

Unfortunately, that conversation did not feel as good as the rest. You see… what is currently motivating me to push past my comfort zone is pain. I began to speak of my goals with this man and then I got vulnerable. I shared a bit of my personal story as to why and fell apart. I had to excuse myself and leave. I am not going to beat myself up about it. I was genuine with every person that I spoke with. I got more connections than I expected and they were the ones I needed to help further my goals. I did good. I am a human being and I have pain. It’s a GREAT motivator!

Children, Visions of a New Earth

Visions of a New Earth

March 26, 2021
Photo by Jessica Lewis on

They are all children in the New Earth. Wise. Compassionate. Cooperative. Ever-expanding in Expressive, Bountiful, Beautiful, Joyous, Playful, Loving Hearts. Everything Looks and Feels Magical. Just like current earth, the scene reflects the internal tempo of the Earth’s inhabitants, and the new earth is Beaming with the Joy and Love that radiates out from all of the pure-hearted children.

There is no need to know the opposite, or duality, in order to appreciate and experience all that is Good, Wholesome, Pure and Magical. This was only something we longed to experience so we could love more completely when we get here. There are no more “love stories” necessary because love is no longer a story. Love IS. There is no longing for love, only to express love more deeply and joyfully. Love is realized.

Nobody feels less than, ugly or bad. Nobody wants to manipulate, control or harm anyone else. There is a very deep and inner reverence for the preciousness of each other’s souls. Everyone knows the Magnificence of their true worth and value. Everyone is appreciated for their unique and special gifts and nobody’s gift is more meaningful. They are ALL necessary to create the cooperative community of harmony that exists on the New Earth.

There is no concept of dishonesty because there is NO fear there, only Love, and ALL dishonesty is born from fear-based thinking. In fact, we are not even mainly thinking beings anymore. We are much more feeling beings. Every thought possible here has already existed and been thought of. We have outplayed all of the fear-based records. We have travelled down every rabbit hole we could think of and boy do we have some great story tellers. They have given us a plethora of material to push us to the point where we are now. Tired. Done. Ready.

I feel, in a sense, we are at a Last Supper point of sorts. We are all just passing around the last of what remains of the delicate delicacies of fear-based experiences here that have caused our own individual feelings of sorrow, suffering, devastation, gripping fear, mistrust, anger, and rage… to the point our inner collective tempo is screaming out with all of our beings that this fucking hurts!!! We don’t want this anymore. We are Ready for a New Earth. Let it BE…. Mightily and Gently So.

Love Letters to Lois By Art

Love Letters to Lois by Art: Letter #22

Introductions by Debra

This is a true, first-hand account of the innermost thoughts of Art to his beloved Lois, written while serving our country as a United States Marine during World War II. My name is Debra and I am sharing the gifts of Art’s Love Letters. Art was my grandfather and Lois was my grandmother. It was 1944 and they were 21 years old when the letters began.

The Letter Transcript

Saturday, June 24, 1944

My Dearest One,

The darn mail is again fouled up as there was no letter from you today. Worst luck! No mail call on Sunday so will just have to read the old letters for consoling purposes.

Didn’t do much today. Spent the morning and afternoon on the beach, soaking up the sun and day-dreaming about you. Went to sleep this morning with you in my arms. What a disappointment waking up to find my buddy sleeping next to me!

In the afternoon two of the boys and myself took out a row boat. Needed the exercise as shown by the blisters on our hands now. Took the boat way out in the sound and played around, diving and swimming from the stern. The wind was fairly strong which made things much more interesting. Feel it tonight as I’m plenty tired. Some life, huh?

Thinking today about how easy I’m having it as of late and really enjoying life while those poor guys over there are being knocked off. Somehow it all doesn’t seem fair. God how I wish this damn war was over so we can all go back to normal lives again. If the war were over tonight, I’d be on my way to Washington to marry my little Darling. Wishful thinking, huh?

Nothing else much to say, Honey, with no letter so will make this one a short letter. Excused this time, Lois?

Am going to take some pictures tomorrow and will send them to you if they are okay. Your set should be here Monday. Can hardly wait to see them!

Night, Honey, going to turn in now. Be a “good girl” as I’m being a “good boy”. Even a halo is around my head, almost. Explain in tomorrow’s letter.

With Love Ever Yours,

P.S. I love you Darling.

Questions, Conclusions and Commentary

Comment 1: I need to research what beach and sound is near Edenton as I want to definitely take in this view when I go visit NC.

Comment 2: I see Art is suffering from a bit of survivor’s guilt. Survivor’s guilt is something that happens to people who survive horrific events. You would think we would feel a sense of gratitude but instead we feel this awful guilt as if something is just not right in our consciousness knowing we survived and an equal soul in humanity did not have the same fortunate.

Comment 3: I am so curious what Art means about having a halo over his head. Somehow or other he was being like an angel and I can’t wait to hear about it in the next letter! Stay tuned!

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Love Letters to Lois By Art

Love Letters to Lois by Art: Letter #21

Introductions by Debra

This is a true, first-hand account of the innermost thoughts of Art to his beloved Lois, written while serving our country as a United States Marine during World War II. My name is Debra and I am sharing the gifts of Art’s Love Letters. Art was my grandfather and Lois was my grandmother. It was 1944 and they were 21 years old when the letters began.

The Letter Transcript

Friday, June 23, 1944

My Dearest Lois,

All smiles today, two letters from you and my worries are all dissolved. Should have known but then that’s me. Received them at noon time, just going into the chow hall when my buddy called to me and held up those long envelopes. Made my heart leap to see them I guess you know.

Your Monday letter was something, like the one I sent yesterday. No need to worry now Darling, as my going over the hill is all water over the dam. Have to stay on the base this weekend but should be able to stand it one week. Right now am fairly confident of seeing you the following weekend. How does that sound?

Lois, every once in a while it might be a good idea if you did enclose a stamp because sometimes we get short handed on them. My folks have been sending me stamps but with all the letter writing I do now well you know how they disappear. I hate to send them free as they do take so long.

Yours truly is plenty caught up on his sleep. Take a little snooze in the afternoon and hit the sack real early. Tonight I think it would be a good idea to take in a show. Still have lots of ironing to do but that can wait until Sunday.

The play of yours must be big time staff if your even broadcasting it. Guess I’ll really be missing something by not seeing it. Nice anyway just seeing you on the stage. The sailor uniform must look awfully cute on you.

Glad you like the letters, Dear, as I like yours terribly much. Hope the letters start coming one a day as it is much better that way.

Okay, Honey, will hold off till I see you again. Not nice, I suppose by letter, besides someone might see them and start seeing wrong things, Right?

Yes sir, that’s all I want, Lois, for the letters is the kisses. Plenty of payment but it would be lots better if I were coming in on the beam for them. Have to do it this way!

Darling, I didn’t find out any faults this past weekend. All I found out was I loved you more and more. Maybe your folks did say a few things in fun but then they didn’t say anything bad.

Darn it, had to lend a fellow thirty dollars. Had sixty in my pocket and was going to send forty home but now I’ll have to wait. This is the only debt out now thank heavens. This boy missed the bridge last night in his car and went into the drink. It was a brand new car so I had to help him out. Every time I send money home to the bank will send you the stub so you can see how much money I saved, ok?

So, the old flame sent you his picture, well, I don’t mind, Darling, just so long as I remain number one. Keep writing to him if you wish to, Honey, as I have all the faith in the world in you. Wouldn’t be love if I didn’t have it.

Darn, wish the bracelet was coming sooner, Honey, but it takes a little while to get it done. It sure is a nifty one and I’ll always treasure it.

I did write home and explained everything but am still waiting an answer. Been getting lots of mail from buddies in the service, also received one from brother in Texas. He sounds a bit blue after the furlough and what with getting prepared to be going overseas but that’s to be expected. Will write him next and straighten him out a bit (Daddy talking now!)

Tell me how the play comes out Lois. How you do in it etc.? Will write again tomorrow, sweetheart. Bye for now.

All My Love,

P.S. The poem was pretty good. I know what you’re talking about!

Questions, Conclusions and Commentary

Comment 1: Well now we now all of the fears Art had in yesterday’s letter were unfounded about Lois being sick. Perhaps one of the letters got stuck in the mail yesterday and that is why he got none since today he received two letters from Lois. It sounds like Lois also sent him a letter where she was having a bad day.

I cannot imagine having such barriers in communication since today we have the ability to send messages instantaneously around the world. If we are worried about what our partner is thinking, we text or call them and all of our worst fears are instantly dissolved. These two young lovers have to grapple with their monkey minds with no reassurance until a next letter comes to them and that can be days later since Art is reading Lois’s Monday letter today on Friday. We are so fortunate not to have these challenges. Instead, they’ve been replaced with new fears of why is the other person taking so long to respond to us when so many of us lived attached to our phones 24/7.

Comment 2: I find it interesting that soldiers could send out letters for free if they could not get stamps but they letters would simply take longer to get to their destination. It would seem fitting to me that since these boys (and girls now) are separated from their loved ones that they should have the benefit of sending letters whenever they wish for free and they should be sent timely. Seems the least we could do for our soldiers during their time of sacrifice away from loved ones in exchange for their dedicated service to our country.

Comment 3: I wish I knew the name of the play that Lois performed in. If it was broadcast, perhaps I may be able to dig into getting a copy of it. I have so many of her old films in the attic. I wonder if perhaps one of those little reels has the play on it. I am now much more motivated to fix my attic stairs so I can get up there and get to all the old films of Lois and Art.

Comment 4: I love how mature and confident that Art is in Lois. Many men would get very jealous and feel extreme emotions inside of them at hearing that an old flame was sending pictures and wanting to write letters to their new fiancé. This is the second time Art has revealed how free he wants Lois to feel in this relationship. Last time it was accepting engagements to go out. This is a very healthy aspect of their relationship and I admire him very much for it.

Comment 5: I wish I could see what the bracelet looks like that Lois gave to Art. Perhaps there are pictures of him wearing it that my mother has. It is engraved with Lois’s name on the back and has his U.S.M.C. number on the front based on what Art and Lois discussed in a previous letter. I wonder where that bracelet is today and if still exists.

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Love Letters to Lois By Art

Love Letters to Lois by Art: Letter #20

Introductions by Debra

This is a true, first-hand account of the innermost thoughts of Art to his beloved Lois, written while serving our country as a United States Marine during World War II. My name is Debra and I am sharing the gifts of Art’s Love Letters. Art was my grandfather and Lois was my grandmother. It was 1944 and they were 21 years old when the letters began.

The Letter Transcript

Thursday, June 22, 1944

My Darling Lois,

This was a bad day for me for one reason. I didn’t receive any letters from my Honey. This morning didn’t get any mail from you but figured sure that it would be there this afternoon but no soap. Cannot help worrying now whether something is wrong with you. I know Darling, you would write every day if it is at all possible so that is why I’m really guessing.

The mail might be fouled up again but not likely as the other letters came from you yesterday. Maybe practice on the play is keeping you from writing but then there is the office. That leaves nothing else but you are sick. I hope to God that isn’t true Lois. I’m more than likely become worried over nothing but missing your letter is of some importance to me. Well, we’ll see tomorrow.

Lois, how is everything going in the home? Has Alice said anything? I’d like to know really out of curiosity. Say hello to them for me.

The play must be tiring on you there as I know you didn’t care too much for it all. Grin and bear it, huh?

Skipped school this morning in order to finish my laundry. I sure was in fine voice while scrubbing, so good that the fellows all said I should save my voice for a more appreciative audience. Finally am finished now, all I have left to do is starch and iron the khakis. Wish you were here, Darling, you could really have practice on my clothes. You iron from the bottoms to the knees and I’ll take it from there. Not that you couldn’t crease pants Honey, really you do a good job of that, simply too many of them.

Sorry, Darling, my mind isn’t on the letter writing this evening. Been happy as a lark till this afternoon. No letter sort of took edge of things.

Oh yes, I’ll fill out that form you sent. Looks like a lot of red tape to me, Honey. Hope they never open that package!

Every night before I go to sleep Lois, I think over the past weekend. Still seems like a wonderful dream. Makes me yearn to be with you always. Regardless of whatever happens, Little One, I’ll always love you.

Darling am going to close now as nothing seems to come out right. Tomorrow will be another day. See you in my dreams. Bye Honey.

With All My Love,

Questions, Conclusions and Commentary

Commentary: Well it sounds as if Art is not feeling very good on this particular day and it is getting the best of his thinking. This is the 4th day in a row that he has written to Lois since leaving her after their engagement on the weekend. Not receiving a letter from Lois has really affected him but something tells me Art was not feeling particularly on point even before that since he confesses in today’s letter that he has skipped school. I have discovered for myself through personal experience that when I choose to skip out on a commitment, I don’t feel good about it. It causes tension within me and I expect some sort of consequence to happen to me. Art’s mind has painted the picture that his beloved Lois must be sick even after he acknowledges two very logical reasons why she may not have written including working and her commitment to take part in a play that she does not enjoy.

Despite his mind getting the best of him, he is somewhat self-aware in that he recognizes he may be worried over nothing and ends the letter stating nothing seems to be coming out right. Art has called out his mind’s worst thinking and a burden shared is a burden cut in half. As he says… tomorrow is another day.

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