Love Letters to Lois By Art

Love Letters to Lois by Art: Letter #9

Introductions by Debra

This is a true, first-hand account of the innermost thoughts of Art to his beloved Lois, written while serving our country as a United States Marine during World War II. My name is Debra and I am sharing the gifts of Art’s Love Letters. Art was my grandfather and Lois was my grandmother. It was 1944 and they were 21 years old when the letters began.

The Letter Transcript

Friday, May 5, 1944

My Dearest Lois,

Your honey is feeling just taps this evening. Two letters from you today, really Honey, the pick-up those letters have. Come in from physical training dog tired but when a letter from you arrives that tired feeling simply disappears. All smiles until the sandman calls.

Haven’t written for the past few nights and am sorry Darling but it really was impossible. Had so much work to cover and because one of the nights yours truly fell asleep while studying. Had my book open studying, then my mind wandered to you and next thing I know somebody was awakening me up to go to bed.

Think I’ll start another letter Sunday afternoon. Quite an interesting letter by the way.

Darling, from the sound of your letters, I don’t think you want to be married so soon. Maybe your being the wise of the two of us. I’m so very sure Dearest, that your the one and only and I’d give anything to have you as my own. Lois if you want to be engaged for awhile in order to give you more time to know me better I’m willing, have to be I guess. We’ll be together in Washington quite some time when I get back there so things will work out and besides we can talk about us better when we’re together again. Wish I was on my way now but it won’t be long now.

You bet, Honey, when I do get there we’ll go down and meet your folks. Hope I pass the test!

The Sunday letter cost me quite a mailing but I loved it. You see, Lois, when I read your letters I usually climb up on my bunk and read it. When I tore the letter open didn’t notice the kisses on the back sides. Then I was reading the first page when the boys caught side of the back side. Practically was mobbed by the fellows trying to take the letter away. Finally had to compromise by showing them the back side. Was my face red! Gee “tanks”, Honey, sure was one swell letter.

One of the two letters that came today had a picture of you in it. Well, just what I needed to send home but it’s going to be coming right back as I need it. Have to have that pretty little face of yours in my wallet. Thanks, my Sweet, hope I can send you some very soon. A picture from home should be here tomorrow or the next day. Took a picture today with my camera right after P.T. in my trunks. Will take some more for sure Sunday.

Glad to hear you can stand my letters Lois. And what may I ask is wrong with your letters? Darn it, Honey, I love each and every one of them so don’t let me hear you say one more word about them.

Darling, I’ll be in the States for awhile yet as I only came back in January. And besides we will be on the east coast for some time. We are going to practice instructing for awhile first.

Haven’t any set plans Lois, the first and only thing I’m thinking about is getting back to Washington. After that, well, we can plan together.

Hope I get back in time to see that play of yours at work. Bet I’d get quite a kick out of seeing you on stage. When is it going to take place?

So you took a day off. Don’t blame you, Honey, the monotony of your job must be hard. From your letters don’t think you like the job.

The new department sounds pretty good. All those pillows, him should be nice and comfortable. Have to try it out and what say? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you were fixing up our home, gosh, that would be something. You’d make a perfect wife I know Lois. Maybe I make the grade yet, huh?

You had me wrong on that bar situation Honey. I was buying for the fellows, so help me. I’ve been a “good boy” since leaving Norfolk, and feel so much the better for it. No little thanks to you. That kiss in the last letter was perfect even had to try it. If it only were you Lois!

Field day this evening. Sweep, clean the walls, windows, etc. Have to hurry this letter to a close as my presence has been asked for. No nice way either but then I should give a darn.

Say hello to the girls and here’ s hoping Alice will be home soon.

Bye, Darling, will be writing again tomorrow night. Your Honey thinks about you always.

With All My Love,

Questions, Conclusions and Commentary

Question 1: Art continues to mention Alice. As stated previously, Art is stationed in a fake camouflaged city known as Wonderland. At the end of several of his letters, he mentions Alice. Apparently Alice is not doing so well and has been gone awhile. I would like to know who this Alice is that Lois writes about and that Art continues to provide supportive loving thoughts of. I remain hopeful that I will be able to connect the dots in future letters.

Conclusion: It sound as if Lois is dealing with feelings of doubt about marrying Art. I can infer from the letter reading that she has two concerns. The first is that Art might have given up his promise to stay away from “the stuff” alcohol. He corrects her on this and reassures her only bought the fellows beers. I recall in the previous letter he owed the boys beers on account of losing the bet on the engagement because she accepted. Second, it appears Lois also was plagued with feelings about doubt about Art being shipped off overseas. Art has the answer to alleviate all of her worries. I admire him for not being disappointed upon hearing this and still remaining hopeful.

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