Love Letters to Lois By Art

Love Letters to Lois by Art: Letter #26

Introductions by Debra

This is a true, first-hand account of the innermost thoughts of Art to his beloved Lois, written while serving our country as a United States Marine during World War II. My name is Debra and I am sharing the gifts of Art’s Love Letters. Art was my grandfather and Lois was my grandmother. It was 1944 and they were 21 years old when the letters began.

An entire week has transpired since the last letter that Art wrote. It appears Art did get the weekend pass he’d hoped to get but was not banking on until it was in his pocket. He speaks of his time wt

The Letter Transcript

Tuesday, July 4, 1944

My Dearest One,

Just finished my washing and what a wash day it was. Not hard labor though as we now have a washing machine in our barracks. Quite easy that way, isn’t it?

Went to the dentist this morning and my wisdom tooth is going to be yanked. It is coming through the wrong way, butted up against another one. The gums are swollen and there is a slight infection. Bothered me a bit up in Washington. Next week sometime the pulling will take place. Some job so they tell me.

Feel real good today though after a swell sleep, simply died for the night. Got up early, for me, about six and was racing to go.

Oh yes, also went to the barbers this morning. Needed one pretty bad up in Washington didn’t you notice. You probably wouldn’t have said anything if you did, trying to be so darn nice to me.

Wrote home a little while ago and told Sis about the weekend. Told her almost everything we did and how I hated to come back. If my little Lois had said the word, yours truly would still be up there. Naturally I left out our little talks, etc. that will always remain between the two of us, right?

You know, Honey, it might be a good idea if you read up on that subject some more at the library. That is where I am headed after writing this letter. I’m surprised at the things I didn’t know after talking for a while. There is quite a lot to it and to insure a perfect marriage it is wise to find it all out. It isn’t like most fellows think, like I told you. There is much more than two people getting together. That is what causes more trouble than anything in marriages, ignorance of certain things. Like the fellows in the barracks, all of them believe they are in the know but it is surprising how many of them couldn’t answer many questions on sex. Most of them anyway have only one thought in mind and that is their own pleasure.

Our marriage isn’t going to be that way as we both have started it on the right way. We both will have a darn good knowledge of what it is all about. And that is the way it should be, sex must be treated as an open subject.

Naturally a couple of times I did get a bit passionate, Honey, but it simply couldn’t be helped. I don’t want you thinking bad of me because, Darling, it is bound to happen. After all, Hun, I am a man. Love, you know, is more than just what I am writing about and Lois I truly love you so much. To have and to hold you always is always on my mind. Love is the sweetest thing – never thought I could be sentimental but you, you little angel did it to me.

Every time I come back from Washington the first thing the fellows all ask is “Did you get married?” They all know you from my talking about you. I told them the next time yours truly has a leave we will be married, that is up from a five or ten day leave. But that is not for a while yet, darn it!

How is everything with you, Honey? Hope by the time this letter gets there you have had a few nights rest. And how is work, having any trouble with that new boss of yours?

Time to say goodbye, Hun. Let’s see, maybe there might be a letter tomorrow. Hope there is or I’m going to be disappointed. Say hello to the girls for me. Will write again tomorrow. Bye.

With All My Love,

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