Love Letters to Lois By Art

Love Letters to Lois by Art

Launching Labor Day 2020

Readings by Debra (Art’s Granddaughter)

In May 1944, my grandfather, Arthur Bornemann, was stationed in Washington D.C. as a United States Marine. There he met my grandmother Lois who was serving her church and was “kind” and fed him. He took a liking to her for this and they exchanged addresses. Recently, I was given the gift of the 100+ Love Letters he wrote to my grandmother during his time serving our Country. Apparently, she had an immediate liking to him as well since she saved the very first letter he ever wrote. It begins with…

“Dear Lois,

Remember me?”

As a child, I had always wanted to know what it was like for him fighting in wars, but he was too tight-lipped to talk about it. When he passed in 2016, I thought he had taken his stories to the grave with him. I now have been given this wonderful opportunity to finally hear his stories through the letters and I feel called to share them with the World.

I think it is important to give readers and listeners a true, first-hand account of one United States Marine’s experiences serving our Country during World War II. I did not learn until after his death that he was one of only two Marines to survive a deadly battle of Guadalcanal campaign. The campaign was the turning point in the war and the first major victory for the Allies. There is no doubt he witnessed the full horrors of War. It should be a telling journey.

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