Life, Transformation

What is Real?

April 21, 2022

What is REAL? I mean really? When it comes to quantum mechanics, nothing is real. Everything is in motion, continually transforming from one point to another with multiplicities of possibilities in between Point A to Point B. By the time energy in motion comes to exist as Point B, it has already transformed to another possibility being thought of during the transition from A to B.

So is there ever Really a Point B since the initial vision of Point B transforms with each step taken on the journey towards Point B. It would seem more Real to say we are always journeying from Point A to Point X… the Unknown.

In the world of computing, the asterisk is known as a wild card symbol to allow Unknown objects to be revealed. When I look at the asterisk (*), I can’t help but notice it’s an X overlaying an I. Perhaps we are symbolic of the “I” and “X” is the wild card spaces that exists and can only be revealed when we allow the unseen to be seen, the unfelt to be felt, and the unthought of to become thought.

What is it to be REAL? Authentic? Transparent? Is that an imagined state of being?
Wide Open…
See through like cellophane…
Is that possible?

Who dares to be vulnerably raw and real? I mean who really likes digging in to SEE things about yourself that you don’t want to see, much less allow other to see. Why would we want to see them in others? Restriction. That’s why.

To withhold or deny the parts of us that we may call bad or ugly is to restrict the true, expansive freedom of expression of who we are when we are feeling and being our BEST. Expansion feels SO much better than restriction. Haven’t we had enough restrictions over the past several years?

So am I ever being fake? Or am I simply delayed when I’m not being authentic or living up to the potential dreams of possibilities I carry in my mental suitcase? Is it not clarity of sight when a moment arrives that we feel uncomfortable inside ourselves? There in That moment our consciousness is providing a compass of realization that a future Reality is something we desire more than our current one. Awareness allows the doors of other possibilities to be Possible.

I believe it is possible to live in an authentically real world if we give up resisting and restricting and allow ourselves and others to be real and transparent around us. Otherwise, we are only delaying and keeping authentic reality trapped by our inability to acknowledge it. Nor should we limit it from coming to fruition because we don’t necessarily like what we see from a small glimpse of a thought because we don’t yet understand the full picture. How could we? We haven’t allowed ourselves to experience it, perhaps because we are stuck in fear based awful-izing.

So what is transparency really? Is it the idea of a flawlessly clear human? What human is flawless? NONE. Every single one of us has flaws. It is part of the Human Condition. So is discovering our Awesomeness!!!

Have you not discovered something about yourself that you didn’t realize was within you at one point in your life? The way to Awesome is through the Awful. It isn’t always as awful as it seems to get there. In fact it can sometimes be Awe-Fully Wonderful!!!

Imagination is SO important! Yet even our imaginations can pale in comparison to what IS Possible in Reality. We just haven’t experienced it yet. It’s still behind the curtain as the unknown Point X or the wild card * space. What exists in the wild card space of consciousness that has yet to be experienced? I imagine it’s Awesomely WILD and WONDERFUL!!!

Are you looking out? Or are you looking in? The Wizard is within You. Our brains think the visionary thoughts. The heart moves energy of desire within towards the vision. Ultimately, it comes down to courage to push through fear and take action towards arriving at the next Point X.


What is Truth?

It’s not really accurate to say there’s 2 sides to every story. We speak… and people hear… and they don’t always hear what we’re saying. So there’s really 4 sides to a story… the 2 sides being told and the 2 sides being heard. Even that’s just story telling and not always Truth.

In the center of the box of the 4 sides to the story is the mixture of truth… reality as it happened, the reality we are unable to see… because we don’t have eyes to see everything behind others actions… nevermind our own. Then there’s our perception of reality as we FELT and believed it happened… which is still only “our” reality at that moment but not necessarily Truth.

In fact, it is one of the biggest trip-ups is to conclude our reality is Truth based on our feelings… because feelings come from a multitude of past experiences, thoughts, and beliefs impressed upon us BY us or others and are not always a factual reflection of what is happening to us in the present moment. We are, more often than not, reacting to the way we have “learned” to. These reactions can oftentimes be defense mechanisms or survival reactions we have learned to use, which is absofreakinglutely normal to pull them out of the toolbox, yet sometimes these tools no longer serve us and we don’t even know it.

Here’s the thing… our feelings DO offer us the biggest opportunity to see the Truth about ourselves… the way we act… what triggers us… how we treat others… how we treat and think about ourselves. If only we can honestly and truthfully have eyes to look at ourselves and the root Fear happening within instead of looking at the “others” within the story. The answers are always behind our Fear.

What are the stories (ie. Lies) we are telling ourselves that are fueling that Fear? Are they the lies of “lesser ego thinking” such we are not important enough… we don’t matter… we aren’t good enough… not loved enough… not respected enough?… OR are they the lies of “greater ego thinking”… I am better than this person… I am older… I will outsmart them. Only you can answer.

The truth is… most people just don’t care enough to self soul-search and discover the Truth that will set them free of their own Fear based suffering… even if it feels caused by others. I bet most people don’t care enough about Truth to have read all the way to the end of this blog post. That is my preconceived story I am telling myself based on my internal Fears.

You see… I love to write but my Fear is that my Words don’t matter. I tell myself the World has enough Words being spoken and written. I ask myself who is possibly listening or digesting when everyone is so busy trying to tell their own stories? Who can take in anything at all in a world when so many are existing in a state of trauma due to our current times and all of the fake propaganda news stories that continue to perpetuate that state?

The last thing I want is to just add more Words to our World unless those Words can move mountains to get us beyond our current state which I perceive as dire… but is it? Also… Who says I am supposed to move mountains? Who says I can’t? Nobody. These are just fragments of a Fear based story my mind tells me to keep me from doing what I love to do… Write.

The Truth is… I get angry inside and just want the whole World to shut up and be silent for a little while since all this talking, tweeting and posting seems to be bringing us to an ugly climax. I think I can’t possibly make a difference. I can. I already do just by being the unique me God made me to be. I just do it the best when I am NOT in Fear, or so I think.